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David G. Zak

Classes, Coaching, and Consulting

My experience as an educator, director, and non-profit administrator enables me to work decisively on any project, either remotely or in person. I enjoy working with those new to the arts, as well as those eager to break through to the next level or come back from time off. I am here to help. 

Of special interest to me:

  • Acting a song   

  • Monologue study

  • Need other help? Let’s discuss


All services are based on a rate of $30 for 30 minutes or $50 per hour. 

Audition Coaching

The best way to get prepared for your 1st or 501st audition.


We will start by finding the perfect material and honing it to show your best vocal, physical, and emotional skills. 


We can get it on video.  And talk through expecting the unexpected, from what to wear to what to bring.


Sign up for 30 minute session, or book more than one to be really prepared.

Solo Acting Class

Our goal is to get you to fully inhabit one role before moving on to something else.

This is not a program where Acting 1 means you then sign up for Acting 2.  This is proceeded at your own pace to dig as deeply as can be done without being cast in a show.

Lets master the text - with the vocal skills needed. And then work on all the other essentials - the look, the sound, the feel of the role.

Scene Study - Duo or Groups

Scene study classes are essential for artistic growth. But isn't it frustrating to watch group after group perform during the time you paid for? 


Sign up with one other person for maximum development. We can pick a theme for scenes, an author, or a play.


Or join a group class and study the best classic, contemporary, and new works. But a full class is 3 teams maximum

Script and Screenplay Development

How many of us have said to ourselves 'I could write a better screenplay than that?'  Now is the time to get it done.


Get a one-time analytical discussion or written feedback.


Or set up a series of regularly scheduled meetings to keep yourself on track.

David Zak is currently the Director of Pride Film Fest, sponsored by Open Space Arts. has won seven Jeff Awards in Chicago, including four for Directing (ANIMAL FARM, DR. SEX, PARADE, POPE JOAN), two for writing (THE HIROSHIMA PROJECT, THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO), and a special Jeff for “Fostering Diversity in Chicago Theater.” In his 27-year stint as Artistic Director of Bailiwick Repertory, he directed the world premiere production of THE CHRISTMAS SCHOONER, the US premieres of Sir Peter Hall’s ANIMAL FARM and JERRY SPRINGER – THE OPERA, and many original works including the political dramas THE HIROSHIMA PROJECT and SIN: A CARDINAL DEPOSED. He has directed in London (THE IRISH CURSE), Seoul (DOLLHOUSE, FANTA STICK, THE GHOST’S COOKBOOK), Dublin (OH, HOLY ALLEN GINSBERG, AT THE FLASH), Boston (SIN: A CARDINAL DEPOSED), Los Angeles (DR. SEX, AT THE FLASH) and New York (MARLOWE and POSEIDON: AN UPSIDE-DOWN MUSICAL). His productions of the American Premieres of JERRY SPRINGER – THE OPERA and Sir Peter Hall’s ANIMAL FARM won Jeff Awards for Best Musical, as did his productions of PARADE, POPE JOAN, YANK, and Dennis DeYoung’s HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. His most recent Chicago productions have included: THE BOY FROM OZ, Terrence McNally’s SOME MEN PRISCILLA: QUEEN OF THE DESERT, THE BOOK OF MERMAN, YANK, AFTERGLOW, HIS GREATNESS, and UNDER THE RAINBOW FLAG. He was inducted into the City of Chicago’s Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame in 2013.

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