Zenfolio | David G. Zak | Audition Tune-Up

My "Audition Tune-Up" is a thorough program that starts with your audition pieces, but looks at all aspects of the audition process, from dress, to photos, to demeanor. 

But most of all we will work on the text, whether it is a classic, new work, or original piece. Let's hone it to demonstrate your vocal skills, physical control, and emotional connection.  


The "Audition Tune-Up" is $30 for a 50-minute session, or $50 for two 50-minute sessions scheduled a few days apart. 


Work is done in my studio on Clark and Wilson, and can be scheduled mostweekdays, evenings, or weekends.


Now and then, the Tune-Up can be scheduled with 24-hour notice if you have an audition come up quickly.  


We will plan for all the variables that are inevitably involved in the audition process.